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Problem is, I can't convert an object to an int within a Linq query. The error fires within the where clause. Any suggestions? Is there a special syntax I'm not.

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Casting simply does not work because LINQ works in terms of either overload of List the takes in an IEnumerable as its initial collection of objects.

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Cast in Linq to Entities Where Clause What I'd like to do is cast this string version to an actual version object so I can do TryParse in the where clause: You're working with LINQ to SQL, so all code you write in the query.

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StandardWeight is string, i would like to convert it to double type. d. you that it can't do to, and it will not generate the T-SQL statement for the query. Linq Object is possible where you Linq query the results of the first query.

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The query represented by this method is not executed until the object is The following example uses both the Cast method and a select statement to convert a .

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Conversion methods change the type of input objects. Conversion operations in LINQ queries are useful in a variety of applications. Following.