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Many car owners face a peculiar problem involving the car overheats when AC is on. The symptoms involve an overheated engine, dashboard.

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Car overheating with the air conditioner on is a very common problem, and you can easily battle against it.

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The AC condenser is in front of the radiator, so the radiator gets slightly warmer air when the AC is on. The car is designed to work okay that way, but after a few.

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When the air conditioner is on, my car overheats; it only does this when the A/C is on. All the fans work well and the new antifreeze air pockets.

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Imagine you are driving on a hot summer day but suddenly your car starts overheating and you can't use the AC anymore. Not only would this.

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This is usually a sign of a cooling system problem, not an AC problem, if it happens while you're driving. Like JEM said, check the radiator and.

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When your car overheats when AC is on, it can be quite worrisome. Today, we'll find out the causes of this and what you should do to fix it!.

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You are under the scorching sun and the car overheats when ac is on and stops working. This is truly an annoying situation. If you do not take.