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Get 'Em Girls Lyrics: Killa.. let's go / I get the boosters boosting, I get computers ' puting / Y'all You acting funny nigga 7 to 8, zoom zoom, boom boom tune.

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Ya Killin Me Lyrics: Your funny style, wilding out / Up in the club, you lame / Nigga are you kidding me / You killing me / Your funny style, wilding out / Up in the.

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"I was so poor / Couldn't afford a condom, had to go raw / Next day at the free clinic Oh Lord!" "I'd advise you to step, son before I %^&* your.

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Page 5- funniest cam'ron punchlines The Hip-Hop Spot. They Got They Own Way Of Rapping Even Though They Not Lyrical They Some Funny a*s n*ggas.

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Cam'ron - Glitter Song Lyrics: we next to 87 95s I 80 drive baby drive safely tell you the rides crazy hoes and white lady halfs and 9 80 you Melodic/Indie.

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CAM'RON lyrics - Come Home With Me Santana] Yo, Now I was downtown clubbin', ladies night Seen shorty she was crazy right And I approach baby like Ma.

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Combing through rap lyrics to find some of the finest references to New York coast now that it feels pretty weird to hear him rapping about New York. No one repped New York harder than Jay Z and Cam'Ron, so for them to unabashedly challenging the government over a sweet melody and moving.

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Rappers have been making NBA references in their lyrics since the earliest stages of Everyone knows of Drizzy's knack for melody and his stylistic malleability. . In these bars, (insert lame) is Andre Miller and Cam'ron is Kyrie Irving--the guy with a . Jackie 'The Joke Man' Martling 'Memba Him?!.

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The latest Tweets from Killa Quotes (@KillaCamLines). This is THE spot for all your Cam'ron Giles aka Spacely Sprockets aka King Jaffe Joe aka Young

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Following the crazy success of Despacito, Fonsi boasts another upbeat, collab album lauds the importance of being "in tune" with the world around you. Cam' ron's remake of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me" pays homage to his.