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Town Centre Guide. braintree-town-centre-map Here is Parking in the town Centre parking-map · Home · Store Guide · Shoppers Info · Offers · Gallery.

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Braintree is a town in Essex, England. The principal settlement of Braintree District, it is located . The town centre itself is more pedestrianised than it used to be, with a surgery, and shops that could possibly improve the footfall of the town.

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Use our store locator to find a store near you as well as information like opening times, addresses, maps and a list of facilities available at every store.

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Freeport Braintree: The Ted Baker discounts are incrediably good - See the Ted Baker shop offers the best selection I have ever seen anywhere whether blazers All reviews shopping centre ted baker designer shops free parking great.

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Looking for the address and opening details of the GAME store in Braintree? Check them out here. Train station: Braintree 5 mins walk. Bus station: Nearby .

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Three shops are closing down at Braintree Freeport in the space of just a week. to get a seat anywhere so I'm surprised they are closing Starbucks.” Braintree Freeport is one of the most popular shopping centres in the.

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Braintree District's town and local centres, identification of the role of of facilities such as retail warehousing, local shops, large food stores and or over-trading anywhere in the District, or that there is surplus comparison.