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It is only available in Borderlands 2. The Infinity can spawn with the "Dva" prefix , which on other Vladof weapons indicates it will fire two rounds per shot.

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Notes, Image. 7, Patriot's, 45, , , , 1, +50% Melee Damage. 8, Rapid, 51 , , , , 1. 9, Purging, 65, , , , 1, x Weapon Zoom.

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I've come across these 2 gun on my search on information on the most A fire weapon isn't going to do as much damage on an armored target.

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So, my question is, do you get Infinity Pistols more often when you or Doc Mercy are lower Borderlands 2 . when i got the infinity weapon.

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How do I get the ifinity gun and what level do you have to be My friend has a gun thats infinite but hes only level

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He often drop very good weapons. I got 2 infinities just from him. Off-Topic: I would suggest the unkept harold as it has much more damage and.

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Im really new to BL 2 bought it last weekend steam sale and play now If you get a Bee shield, even a level 8 Infinity would be enough to do damage Paired with a Bee shield, it is a great weapon for bosses, where the.

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Rapid Infinity is a legendary drop from Doc Mercy in Borderlands 2. Rapid Infinity is a Stats will vary based on weapon level. If you are a For example, a level 50 Infinity could do around damage. Also could get a.

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Like each randomly generated gun in Borderlands 2, they each have their own prefixes, which make the guns unique and different. The Infinity has the same.

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Or do the drop gods just think we are funny? Borderlands 2 thing as a legit slag Infinity, and Jakobs weapons outside of those few outliers).