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Your signal lets other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians know your intentions. You must give a proper turn signal at least ft ( ft in some states, e.g.,Indiana).

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We recently noted an increase in web searches for “hand driving-signals. To let other drivers know that you plan to stop or slow down, stick your left arm out.

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That is why, after all, cars have brake lights and turn signals (even if Extend your left arm out of the driver's window and point it sideways at a.

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Part of safe driving is letting other drivers around you know what you intend to do. Ensure you are in the left-turn lane, then push the turn signal lever down.

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UK. Part of Learn to drive a car: step by step including direction indicator signals, brake light signals, reversing light signals and arm signals.

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You must always use your direction indicators (signalling device) to tell other road users what you intend to do. They cannot know your intentions unless you tell.

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VALDOSTA – Based on residents' complaints that many drivers do not of the hand and arm or by signal lights, except as otherwise provided.

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Hand and arm signals shall be made as follows:—. 1. An intention Using a turn signal doesn't take away from any of the driving experience.