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Beekeeping Nepal Apiculture, Beekeeping has been practiced Nepal since immemorial times commercial beekeeping in Nepal practiced for honey at bee farm.

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Currently, many organizations are training farmers in beekeeping. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal, but it is suitable for use in ICIMOD's other .. Share training objectives and discuss them in relation to participants' expectations.

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Sustainable Management of Beekeeping in Nepal: An Effort of ICIMOD's Project from program planning to implementation, monitoring and benefit sharing.

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Successful bee keeping enterprise of a young entrepreneur. September ; Ganesh Bahadur Bista (33) owns 55 bee hives and sells honey in city markets as .

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Beekeeping is a part of the Nepalese tradition and is carried out by both rural and urban communities for hundreds of years. Rural communities are more.

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Beekeeping has holistic benefits in relation to health, an agricultural country like Nepal, beekeeping is shares the findings of the project interventions.

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To aware participants about basic knowledge and skill of bee keeping and hygienic honey extraction; Technology transfer to the traditional entrepreneurs and to.

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one of the important income generating activities among farmers in Nepal. The total estimated . veil, honey extractor etc. could be shared with others. With the.

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Beekeeping has been in practice from an ancient time in Nepal. It is one of the high valued .. Issues, prioritization and responsibility sharing.