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Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz, the creators (lyricist and composer . by Libby Holman (it became the signature tune of this notorious torch singer), and “I .

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Warner Bros. letterhead, Burbank, California, to his partner Howard Dietz. ARTHUR SCHWARTZ. He had an association with Arthur Schwartz for over 30 years.

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Image 1 for Howard Dietz - Original Art Signed - HFSID With composer Arthur Schwartz, he wrote musical comedies in the late s and early s.

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Arthur Schwartz (November 25, – September 3, ) was an American composer and film producer. Contents. 1 Biography. Early life; Career; Family; Death. 2 Awards; 3 Collaborators; 4 Musicals; 5 Songs. With Howard Dietz; With other lyricists.

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All Time Favorite Dietz & Schwartz Songs Featuring Dancing in the Dark. Howard Deitz and Arthur Schwartz Item: MF

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Sep 5, Arthur Schwartz, a composer who helped bring a new sophistication to Mr. Schwartz is best known for the songs he wrote with the lyricist Howard Dietz, which included such hits as When the Schwartz and Dietz show ''The Band Wagon'' opened on . Sign up. To save articles or get newsletters, alerts or.

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b. September 8, , New York City, New York (USA) d. July 30, , NYC, New York (USA) of Parkinson's Disease >> Please use Schwartz & Dietz when.

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Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz (lyricist and composer respectively) are the creators of standards like 'Dancing In The Dark', 'That's Entertainment', 'You And.