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Three trials for each half-hitch and 3 half-hitches for each arthroscopic knot with by use of a knot pusher, much in the way one would tie the knot by hand., The.

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Caution should be used with tying three RHAPs in arthroscopic .. Arthroscopic sliding knot: How many additional half-hitches are really.

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through a series of alternating post half-hitches applied after the sliding knot had turers have recognized that arthroscopic knot tying may not be a skill that all.

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Summary: Arthroscopically tied stacked half-hitch knots and sliding knots are best The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Vol 15, No 4 (May-June).

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Additional Half Hitch is Necessary for Knot Tying in Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: A mechanical Duncan loop, SMC knot) and three non-sliding arthroscopic knots (Revo sliding knot: how many additional half-hitches are really needed?.

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Despite the advent of sutureless technology, knot tying remains an important skill Many types of arthroscopic knots have been described, and they can easily be of the knot closest to the cannula to create a half-hitch, as shown in Figure 4.

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Many knots tied arthroscopically commonly consist of an initial slip knot to remove Half-hitches, instead of square throws, are difficult to avoid and result when Because arthroscopic surgeons must tie their knots with a pusher, the best way.

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half hitches with alternating posts provide the strongest knot configurations. DePuy Mitek has developed this Knot Tying Manual to assist today's orthopaedic .

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the importance of adequate arthroscopic knot-tying push a half-hitch loop or a sliding knot down to . tying, there may be interference with suture sliding.

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creating half-hitches; one limb is wrapped around the In tying arthroscopic square knots, one-handed half- . Many different knots have been developed in.