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You can drink soy milk during pregnancy- it is a good source of protein and Also, you will need ORGANIC soy, as organic does not have.

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Soy beans, no doubt, are good for your pregnancy, provided you have it in moderation. It is recommended to check with your doctor regarding.

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If you're pregnant, it's fine to eat soya products, as long as they're part of a healthy , balanced diet. Soy or soya products include soya drinks, soy sauce and yoghurt. desserts; tofu – a vegetable protein made from soya beans; soy vegetable.

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Remaining healthy during pregnancy means fastidiously regulating your diet, A pregnant woman might choose to consume soy milk, or other soy-based.

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For example, our soya products are % plant-based, dairy free, easy to digest because they are naturally lactose free, low in saturated fat and a source of.

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As for the general population, dietary advice for people with diabetes is to eat a diet that's healthy and balanced. This doesn't mea.