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To suggest that Allah cannot be present everywhere goes against Quran, Sunnah and basic intellect. We have refuted this concocted belief in.

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If Allah is everywhere, as the deviated sects allege, why then the above verse does not read, 'Declare your Rabb, (around you), (below you), or (everywhere)?' .

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God's Presence is everywhere, all around us and within us. that Allah is exalted above His creation because of the evidence of the Quran, Sunnah ( prophetic.

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Allah is everywhere watch video, Adnan Oktars comments and opinions about Allah is everywhere, watch related articles, videos, interviews.

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(1) The Quran describes the "exaltedness" or "highness" of Allah in different ways , as His being high and above, and by He is everywhere!".

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The Quran says (ehat means) "Angels and Gabriel ascend to Allah in a Throne, and they say that He is present in His Essence everywhere.