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North Carolina Divorce Law – Raleigh Divorce Lawyer - Divorce Laws, Forms, Calculators, Net income, determined by this calculator, is 70% of gross income. Children. Number of Dependent Children. Monthly Child Support Obligation ($) .

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The NC child support calculator is intended to help parents determine how much money they will pay in monthly child support. This contribution is usually made.

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Unlike child support, in general North Carolina law provides no formula for determining the amount or duration of alimony. In many cases, alimony is not.

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Again, we must point out that, while our calculator uses North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, it can only provide an estimate of the child support payments .

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The calculation of one's child support obligation is generally governed by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, published by the.

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The dependent spouse would receive alimony as an amount above and beyond any amount awarded for child support. It is awarded to help.