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Ahura Mazda is the creator and sole God of Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda is the highest spirit of .. A statue of Ahura Mazda is built to contain the Djinn in the film Wishmaster. In the Amish Tripathi novel The Oath of the Vayuputras, Ahura .

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Zoroastrians are the oldest religious community of Iran. Prior to the Muslim conquest of Persia, . The central Zurvanite belief made Ahura Mazda (Middle Persian: Ohrmuzd) and Angra Mainyu (Ahriman) twin brothers that had co- existed for all.

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Ahura Mazda, whose name means "wise lord," was the most important god in ancient Persian Darius I believed that Ahura Mazda had made him king.

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Mar 13, An inscription was made on a cliff at Naqsh-i Rustam, near Persepolis, the summer palace of Darius I (r. – BCE). Here Ahura Mazda is.

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Ahura Mazdā, (Avestan: “Wise Lord”)also spelled Ormizd or Ormazd, In late sources (3rd century ce onward), Zurvān (“Time”) is made the father of the twins.

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Ahuramazda: the "wise lord", the supreme god of the ancient Iranians, whose cult was . By the favor of Ahuramazda, Anahita, and Mithra, this palace I built.

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Jan 12, One day, Ahura Mazda decided to make different creations. First He shaped the sky made of metal, shinning and bright. Second, He made the.