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Doctor Who has been one of my absolute favorite shows for a while. I found that I could stick the little feet to the Adipose body pretty easily.

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Kids love marshmallows, so when I saw this awesome idea for Adipose marshmallow pops on Pinterest, I knew I had to make them for our.

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A Typical English Home: Doctor Who Adipose Marshmallows. I didn't make it for Custard & Fish Sticks for 'Doctor Who' Fans Doctor Who Birthday, Doctor.

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Try out these darling little Adipose Babies! On sticks or on a plate! Then stuck 2 mini marshmallows in the bottom of a large one, and 2 in the.

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adipose marshmallow pops (hold together with royal icing not toothpicks) Adipose made out of marshmallows-- I so want to throw a Doctor Who party. Find this.

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Doctor Who Party Week: Food, Snacks, Recipes and Treats! We used BLACK gel food coloring and a tiny paint brush and painted on the perfect little smile.