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What about the tales of hallucinations, Oscar Wilde and his tulips, family massacres and instant death? Not absinthe's fault, technically speaking. Absinthe does.

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This misconception began in the 19th century when absinthe .. The whole deal with absinthe causing hallucinations has absolutely no basis.

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Absinthe has long captivated the minds of drinkers, in part because of it's rumored hallucinogenic properties and its green fairy accompaniment.

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Absinthe has long had a bad reputation for causing hallucinations. But can the storied Green Fairy really make you fly?.

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Forget what you know about absinthe: We're here to clear the air about this maligned spirit by shaking the five biggest rumors about it.

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Absinthe, called the “green fairy” after its peculiar hue, was banned in the United States back in Sensational accounts of the.

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Though absinthe has been legal in the United States for a decade now, the hallucinations that one is said to get from drinking absinthe, and.

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There are some layers to this delightfully nuanced question so I'm going to break it down a bit more: Is it possible to make absinthe that will make you hallucinate.