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Page count depends on a number of factors, including font size and type, margins, Answer: words is 1 page single spaced or 2 pages double spaced.

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A word count of words will equal about pages single spaced or 3 pages double spaced. Of course it will depend on the word processor settings, what.

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How many pages will words yield? Just slightly longer than a more common word count of words, words is about one and three-fifths of a page.

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If you get an assignment to write four pages, one of the first questions that will likely come to mind is, “How many words are in four pages?.

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Everything depends on the writing requirements: in most of the situations, it is required to use Times New Roman font, 12px. And again, you may be using.

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For a page with 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements, a good rule of thumb is words for a single.

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There are about words per page, so just divide. How many written pages is a word paper? Answer. How many pages do words equal?.

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/// I guess professional translators and other professionals often dealing with word count are well acquainted with this.

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It depends on the size and style of your handwriting. In my experience, though, if I write something out longhand I average about words per.