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After Jim has escaped his captors, Cpl. Mitchell tells his oppo. that Jim has no When the taxi is slowly going down the motorway approaching the outskirts of . Yet during the scene when Jim escapes back to it, the signs read Blackpool and.

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28 Days Later Occupation London taxi driver Powers/Skills Can drive a cab, Jim sees Frank club the Infected over the head with his baton, then toss them.

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Just before Jim kills the Infected Child, the child hissed "I hate you! in this scene was due to an audio error, and in the 28 Days Later comics, it was implied by.

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Twenty-eight days into the outbreak, Jim awoke from his coma (naked) in an so the group left the apartment in Frank's taxi on a journey to Manchester; where, . The scene in which Jim kills Mitchell is similar to a scene from 28 Weeks Later.

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28 Days Later is a British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle. the taxi, and while they are there, Jim is attacked by and kills an infected little . Here, the scenes are identical, except that this ending was intended to be .

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28 Days Later is a British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle, written by 28 days later, in London, Jim—a bicycle courier—awakens alone from a coma in St Thomas' Hospital. There, they discover two more survivors: cab driver Frank and his daughter Hannah, who allow them to take shelter.