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There have been many atheists who have participated in politics or law. This is a list of atheists .. Karl Marx (–): 19th-century philosopher, political economist, . and several leaders of the Opposition being atheists since the 20th century. . Co-founder, Michigan Godless Americans Political Action Committee.

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Even as federal and state courts and American governing institutions in One atheist activist estimates that maybe 20 percent of the total of nonbelievers . Well into the 20th century some localities have prohibited them from.

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The Harvard political scientist explained that the United States was historically a .. But in the first half of the 20th century, the American “circle of the We” started.

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These disparate strands of religious criticism coalesced into an atheist political movement predominantly during the course of the 20th century, through the.

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Americans, in large numbers, still do not want atheists teaching their children, or marrying them. by President Trump at last year's Values Voter Summit: “In America, In the nineteenth century, Robert Ingersoll, “the Great Agnostic,” It wasn't politics or economics, some said, that distinguished America.

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By , many Americans had forgotten about New Atheism. and the return of media scandals over “political correctness” on American college campuses. . As with many of the intellectual anti-totalitarianisms of the twentieth century, New .