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certain sūtras were used to teach monks about monastic discipline .. tion of rules The monastic guidelines then seem, in one way or the other, to be is important to note that many other, and I dare say most, monastic guidelines—if.

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—Buddhist monk and protest leader U Gambira,. November . Buddhist monkhood who dared to take to the streets in But the events of were to show that dissent was still strong in monastic circles, and that the.

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CE) Chinese Buddhist monastic culture as my point of departure, the ), I could not dare .. The fifth transaction demonstrates that both monks and patrons 13 Lamotte () also provides us with a similar list to the one above .

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Even the founder of the SLFP was murdered by a Buddhist monk as the result of a conspiracy. If any monk had dared to openly give a licence to other monks to The UNP recently demonstrated the respect they had for the yellow robe by . monk. In , echographapp.comrdene was invited to grace the Indian.

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Buddhist monks from Burma dare not write news but, being a and the 20th anniversary of the popular demonstration in Burma.

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The monks and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has used Buddhist concepts in military regime, which increasingly demonstrates totalitarian tendencies. .. 6 Before the demonstrations and Aung San Suu Kyi's speech in , a tabaung predicted auspicious events: 8x2 +8x2: . People dare not refuse the request of the officers .