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Results 1 - 32 of 32 \x{1}, soh start of heading ctrl-a, 01, 1, 0x1, . \x{2}, stx start of text ctrl-b, 02 \x{11}, dc1 device control one ctrl-q, , 17, 0x11, .

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In computing and telecommunication, a control character or non-printing character is a code . In either case, this produces one of the 32 ASCII control codes between 0 and . known as control-S, or XOFF) to "S"top transmission, and 17 (the device control 1 character (DC1), a.k.a. control-Q, or XON) to start transmission.

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Software flow control is a method of flow control used in computer data links, especially RS However, it does provide four generic "device control" characters (DC1 When one end of a data link is unable to accept any more data (or.

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ISO Name: Device Control One> (DC1). - Formerly: Dc1. Unicode Category: Control (Cc). Bidirectional Class UTF-8 Encoding: 0x UTF Encoding.

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When to use RS Handshaking or Flow Control? . 16 0x10 DLE device link esc down or right arrow 17 0x11 DC1 device control 1 left arrow.

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The first 32 ASCII codes are ASCII control characters. 0x10 DLE (Data Link Escape) 0x11 DC1 (XON)(Device Control 1).

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ASCII table and ASCII code with ASCII control characters and ASCII Escape) 0x11 DC1 (XON)(Device Control 1)

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Encodings. HTML Entity (decimal), . HTML Entity (hex), . How to type in Microsoft Windows, Alt + Alt Alt UTF-8 (hex), 0x11 (11). UTF

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DC1 (device control 1), 0x DC2 (device control 2), 0x DC3 (device control 3 ), 0x RES/ENP (restore or enable presentation), 0x NL (new line), 0x