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My Toyota Sequoia shuts off coming to a complete stop. Toyota A dirty throttle body can cause engine stalling at stops, as well as any vacuum leaks.

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Hi for the past 2 weeks my engine has died, intermittently, at a stop light, stop sign, and when I am slowing down. My car would make a.

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I am having problems with my '02 Tundra stalling when i slow down to an "almost" stop. It doesn't stall everytime I slow down and i notice that it idles at a very low rpm. But, after replacing the battery, i'm left with the same idling problem.

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Driving on the freeway getting ready to exit so I slow down and the engine dies try to start its fine but when put it on gear the engine dies and the only way to.

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At random times - once a week when I am coming to a stop or slowing down in traffic (when it's below 1 rpm) the car will just stall. It starts up o.k., and then will be .

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my transmission started dying at , on my toyota sequoia 2wd engine started stalling, intermittently, when at a stop light or stop sign green right turns were always nerve racking because slowing down would.

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The airbox you took a picture of looks like one from the Toyota L engine found in Toyota trucks before the Tacoma. The Tacoma has a L.